Win-Win Approach

We only win, if our clients win. And vice versa.

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Win-Win Principles

Here at Smarty Media, the 'Win-Win Approach' (aka WWA) guides our every decision. It's rooted in a simple belief that if two parties enter into a business relationship, they should both benefit from it. If it's not a win-win, we don't do it and neither should you. Here are the 3 WWA principles:

Principle 1: No Bullshit Policy

Every client deserves truth and honesty. And we do too. We will not give empty promises, bullshit in reports, or mislead the client. We will take responsibility for our actions, say things the way they are, make performance data transparent and work our asses off because we like a job well done.

Principle 2: Money Back Guarantee

Every client deserves to get to know us first risk free. And we do too. You have 30 days from the day we launch your account to get your money back for any reason. Just say the word and we will return your account to its original state and refund all the fees you paid us. No questions asked. This refund does not include fees paid for traffic. We also reserve the right to refuse service to any company.

Principle 3: No Long-Term Contracts

Every client deserves the freedom of choice of vendors. And we do too. You should only work with us because you get good results, not because a contact says so. Our agreements are and will always be month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time with 15 days written notice (email will do).

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