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Facebook Advertising

Let's face it, it's really not clear whether likes and followers translate into revenue. That is why at Smarty, we don't deal with social chatter. Instead, we deal with ads...measurable, optimizable, targetable ads. And guess what? Facebook Advertising actually works, if you do it right. It's not easy though, because you have to juggle demographic targeting, ad creative, and much more. But luckily, we are pretty darn good at juggling. Good enough to run away and join the circus. Here are some techniques we use to achieve good ROI on Facebook for our clients.

Being one of the pioneers of large scale Facebook Advertising campaigns, we saw its potential early on. And so in 2012, we developed a proprietary methodology of creating and optimizing a large number of Facebook ads very quickly. We call it Ad Matrix™. For obvious reasons we cannot tell you much about it here, except that it works, but contact us directly, and we will happily explain this methodology in detail.

We have considerable Facebook Ads expertise, and what we found works best is really getting to know your target audience and speaking to it in the language they understand and relate to. That is why we made Audience Discovery an integral part of our process. If you are looking to just blanket the market and see what sticks, we are not the agency for you. But if you know your target market well and are willing to take the time to uncover various audience categories your market contains, then we are a great fit for each other.

Smarty Media is proud to have been one of the first adopters of Facebook Exchange. So, whether you need to turn a user into a lead or want to show highly targeted product ads to the user based on their browsing history, we can help you.

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The Secret Sauce

There is lot to love about Pay Per Click advertising. What we love most about it is the abundance of statistical data one can use to maximize your budget ROI. Over the years, we distilled a systematic methodology to deliver tangible business results from PPC campaigns. Here it is.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mike Raia Director of Inbound Marketing,

We've been very impressed with the level of responsiveness and intelligence Smarty Media brings to our business. We've seen lead acquisition costs drop and lead volume rise from our paid search campaigns. I know our PPC accounts are in great hands.

Wayne PetersonPresident,
People's Choice HVAC

The experience with the entire Smarty Media staff has been wonderful. After turning our PPC campaigns over to them, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of calls we are receiving. I give Smarty a big thumbs up and plan on using them for years to come.

Lisa LyngosFounder & Principle,
Single Atlanta

Partnering with Smarty Media to handle our PPC campaigns has been remarkable and very successful. They constructed a sophisticated AdWords account for us and as soon as it was launched, we began receiving highly qualified leads. Give them a call! You owe it to your business.

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