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Paid Search Advertising

Search Engine Advertising (aka PPC, SEM) can be a very profitable marketing channel, if done right. But it can also be a lackluster underperformer, if mishandled or ignored. Here at Smarty, PPC is our whole business, and we are single mindedly focused on making it your best marketing investment. Here is how we do it.

When you become a client, we take time to get to know your business (and your industry), as if it were our own. So, expect in-depth conversations about your sales process, most profitable products, upcoming product features, inventory fluctuations, and about whatever else plays a role in your company's revenue and profit generation.
Search Engine Marketing (and PPC in general) is all about data. Without it, we would not know which keywords to use, which ads to write or which landing pages to make. That is why every account is assigned its own set of KPMs (Key Performance Metrics) and we track them obsessively through form submission tracking, call tracking, e-commerce tracking, etc. We can even help you integrate PPC results with your sales CRM to help you make better marketing decisions.
We believe in relationships and in getting better at something with practice. That is why your PPC account will be assigned two dedicated Account Managers, who will work on your account from the get go. That way in time, they become experts at your specific account. But what if one of my Account Managers goes on vacation? That's why each account gets two of them.
Search Engine Advertising
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The Secret Sauce

There is lot to love about Pay Per Click advertising. What we love most about it is the abundance of statistical data one can use to maximize your budget ROI. Over the years, we distilled a systematic methodology to deliver tangible business results from PPC campaigns. Here it is.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mike Raia Director of Inbound Marketing,

We've been very impressed with the level of responsiveness and intelligence Smarty Media brings to our business. We've seen lead acquisition costs drop and lead volume rise from our paid search campaigns. I know our PPC accounts are in great hands.

Wayne PetersonPresident,
People's Choice HVAC

The experience with the entire Smarty Media staff has been wonderful. After turning our PPC campaigns over to them, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of calls we are receiving. I give Smarty a big thumbs up and plan on using them for years to come.

Lisa LyngosFounder & Principle,
Single Atlanta

Partnering with Smarty Media to handle our PPC campaigns has been remarkable and very successful. They constructed a sophisticated AdWords account for us and as soon as it was launched, we began receiving highly qualified leads. Give them a call! You owe it to your business.

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